6 Top Reasons “Car Seat On The Shopping Cart” Is A BAD Idea. #2 Is Heartbreaking

Most of these shopping cart injuries are unfortunately serious …

5. Head injuries accounted for 78.1% of the most commonly injured body region. Most of these head injuries were associated with children ages 0 to 4 years, in other words … infants and toddlers.


In fact, the number of head injuries has been increasing:


“While soft tissue injuries were the most common diagnosis for these head injuries, the annual rate of concussions and closed head injuries (which are concussions and internal head injuries) increased significantly by more than 200% during the study period, with the number of these injuries going from 3,483 injuries in 1990 to 12,333 in 2011. Most of this increase was associated with children ages 0 to 4 years.” Source: ScienceDaily.com

A lot of people think that car seats are designed also for the purpose of locking onto shopping carts. However … see next page …



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