6 Top Reasons “Car Seat On The Shopping Cart” Is A BAD Idea. #2 Is Heartbreaking

Here is something most people do not know about car seats:

4. Baby car seats are NOT designed to be secured on top of shopping carts. In fact, most shopping carts that you find in grocery stores and supermarkets have warnings saying that baby car seats should not be placed on top of shopping carts.

no-baby-car-seat-on-shopping-cart-warning (450x450)

Unfortunately, no one appears to be reading or paying attention to them …

… even when the sign is right down in front of them as they put the carrier on the cart.

The big “Warning” sign is right there. If folks will just take time to read them.

And for those who read them, they seem not to take the warning seriously … until something tragic happens.

Most car seat manufacturers specifically prohibit using their seats this way but that warning is usually buried along with 30 other generic warnings in the instruction manual so it doesn’t get much attention. Source: carseatblog.com


Safety experts have time and again explained this but this message seems to be ignored. According to safety expert Debra Holtzman:

3. Shopping carts can tip over easily — and they’re more likely to if there’s a car seat mounted on them.


Holtzman, who is also the author of The Safe Baby, adds:

The cart has a narrow wheel base in relation to its height, so the center of gravity is affected when you put a child in it. When your child’s car seat is on top of it, the center of gravity is affected even more, increasing the chances of tipping. Source: TheBump.com

Did you know that it does not take much weight to tip over a cart?

Safety experts say when kids are strapped inside a shopping cart it raises the center of gravity of the cart. As little as ten pounds can tip it over.

Accidents happen and they do often within seconds … most especially when shopping carts tip over. Within seconds, your life can change completely.

Here is one mom’s account of a shopping cart that tipped over with her 10 month-old baby:

She flipped the whole cart over while still buckled just because I’d taken the groceries out. It was empty, and that makes it light enough that she can flip it. That’s not good … It happened so fast and the fact that she was able to flip it with her own body weight because it was empty … I’m really concerned those carts aren’t as sturdy as they need to be.

Tragic stories from car seat on shopping cart accidents are real … see next page.

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8 thoughts on “6 Top Reasons “Car Seat On The Shopping Cart” Is A BAD Idea. #2 Is Heartbreaking

  1. If you can’t put them on the top where do you put them not in the back with all your grocery’s or on the bottom in the back the will slide around and risk flipping over also most stores should have a carseat latch bucket thing on the top for carseats if not what do you do carry them around and push a cart I don’t think so

    1. You put them in the bottom or bring another person so you can have two carts. It sounds like you are making excuses to justify putting your child in danger. Maybe you’ll never have an issue and your child may never fall, but it is surely way more dangerous than you have considered. Maybe do some research and become an educated mother.

      1. Some people are single parents and can’t always drag someone out with them. You don’t need to insult mothers for trying to make things work on their own. I’ve always managed to put my baby in the back of the cart or take someone with me but not everyone can. No matter what you do in life a baby is always at risk because they cannot protect their selves. What if you’re holding your baby and you fall with them? Then both of you have a chance of getting hurt. No one on this earth is a perfect parent. You can only strive to do your best. Everyone is so quick to judge someone else because they do things differently. It’s so petty and I get so sick of seeing it. Especially when people who don’t have kids throw in their imput like they know what they are talking about. This world is so screwed up nowadays I’m scared for my kids.

  2. At 4 months and older a baby is prettt much old enough to sit in a cart without a carseat. So unless youre newborn is so active.it can flip the carseat over I dont ses this being as big of a deal. Especially if you’re a conscious parent and paying attention

  3. When my son was little he threw a fit in his seat that was hooked onto the cart it flipped him over and he got tangle fortunately he was not hurt I was bawling crying others were trying to console me it doesn’t matter how careful you are bad things can happen I will never put my child in a cart like that again

  4. TIP: put the infant seat in the large part of the cart and bring along an empty laudry basket. put the basket on the rack under the cart and fill it with groceries… bonus: makes it fast and easy to empty the car and reduces the amt of annoying bags to bring home.


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