5 Types Of Children’s Photos Which You Should Never Post Online

Although innocently posted, these types of pictures could be misunderstood by some people. So be careful when posting nude or semi-nude photos of children. It’s just another measure to protect your children.

4. Bath Photos or Nude Photos of Your Child. Sure, bath tub photos of your child may look really cute and shareable. However, keep in mind that digital content can be easily copied and easily distributed. Having those pictures in the wrong hands is just not worth the risk. Even if the photos are totally innocent, the reality is that there are crazies out there.

cute baby in bath tub

Alex Brooks, executive editor of parenting website Kidspot says:

“Parents are discovering that once content becomes digital, it can be easily copied and redistributed willy-nilly. The result: photos of kids in compromising, colorful circumstances, and status updates recounting even more compromising, colorful circumstances, intended for a select few, are now spread out over the web for everyone.” Source: News.com.au

It absolutely is to you and your kid’s benefit to not have these types of photos posted on social media. It definitely is better to be on the safe side.

Just share these types of photos privately with your loved ones.

Besides, you don’t want your kid to be embarrassed with these types of pics, especially when they grow up, right?

Proud parents are usually guilty of posting pictures with information of where their kids go to … see next page.


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