5 Types Of Children’s Photos Which You Should Never Post Online

Below are the 5 types of photos that parents should never post online:

5. Photos of Other Children Without Their Parents’ Consent. Before you post a picture of your child’s birthday party and start tagging every single kid in the photos, make sure to first ask permission from their parents. Some parents might not mind having their kid’s photos posted online while others might do.


It’s really a matter of preference regarding personal privacy, especially when it comes to children. Just respect other parents’ policy on posting photos.

So to be safe, ask permission first especially since a lot of parents prefer not to have their kids names and photos posted on Facebook for privacy and security reasons.

“Everyone has their own positions on sharing their children’s faces on social media, so before you go posting and tagging away after a birthday party or field trip, be sure to respect the stances of the other families involved.” Source: PopSugar.com

So just ask other parents permission first.

You’ll be surprised how many parents will appreciate you asking them first about these types of matters.


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