5 Surprising Things Babies Can Easily Do. #1 Is Really Unexpected

Rumors are true … this phenomenon really does happen. Wow.

4. Newborns Can Crawl to Boobs. If you place a brand new minutes-old baby in the middle of his mother’s chest, the baby will slowly but methodically migrate to one of her nipples, latch on, and start sucking. Source: Cracked.com

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This is a phenomenon known as a “breast crawl”:

Breast crawl is the instinct of mammal (including human) newborns to move towards the nipple and attach to it for breastfeeding all by themself. In humans, if the newborn baby is put on the mother’s abdomen, the movements start 12 to 44 minutes after birth, followed by spontanous suckling at 27 to 71 minutes after birth.” Source: Wikipedia.org

Studies confirm this amazing instinctive ability of babies. According to researchers, babies use their sense of smell, hearing, and vision to crawl on their mother’s belly and latch on her nipple. It’s really an extra ordinary phenomena.


Parents have suspected this for the longest time. Researchers have also confirmed this … See next page.


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