5 Key Reasons Your Child Needs A Convertible Car Seat By Age 1

Aside from your child’s weight, height also matters …

4. Height matters. Many infant and rear-facing-only seats have weight limits between 30 and 35 pounds, so you may think those seats are adequate until your child reaches that weight — at about 2 years of age. However, your child will more likely grow out of those seats, height-wise, before reaching those weight limits. Source: Yahoo.com

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It is important for you to always check your baby’s height to make sure that she or he still fits safely in the infant seat. Babies grow fast so make sure to monitor and be aware of how they fit in their seats.

If it helps, there is no need to second guess on whether you should delay getting a convertible car seat cause …

3. You’ll need one anyway. In order to keep your kid rear-facing until her second birthday, you’ll still have to buy a convertible model. Not only do Consumer Reports’ child-seat experts encourage this strategy, but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends parents keep children rear-facing until the age of 2. New laws in California, New Jersey, and Oklahoma require that all children under the age of two be in a rear-facing child seat. Source: Yahoo.com

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Given the proven safety of keeping children rear-facing, more states are expected to enact laws requiring children under the age of two to remain rear-facing.

If your child’s safety is your priority, then … See next page.

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