12 Tried and Tested Potty Training Tips Moms Swear By. #3 Worked For Me

Some children, believe it or not, lose interest in M&Ms or candies. The key is finding a bribe that your child is really obsessed with.

4. Find the Right Bribe.

We tried Cheerios, M&M’s, potty charts, cheerleader rants and screams, but nothing worked. My son has always been obsessed with cars and trucks and luckily, the movie Cars had just come out. My husband scoured the local stores to collect all the figurines featured in the movie. We saw the movie, then we told my son that every time he went potty he’d get a car. It was magical. After 15 cars, he was totally potty trained. I’m sure Disney would be so proud. (10)


For my little girl who had a fascination for little rubber duckies, this worked like gangbusters.

It did not take her long to get potty trained as long as she was getting her prizes of various colored rubber duckies.

From low-tech, old school potty training tips, this next hi-tech gadget mesmerizes kids in the toilet. This small hi-tech gadgetry definitely brings potty training to the next level.

3. Mesmerize Your Little One With This “Hi-Tech” Gadget.

We tried all kinds of bribes. My child just won’t fall for them. Then I stumbled upon this interesting gadgetry. Sometimes certain gadgets are invented for some other purpose but it turns out they work better when used for potty training! This hilarious gadget was invented just to help adults find the toilet bowl at night. Well, as it turns out, it really works well for potty training too.

My potty training hi-tech gadget is the Motion-Activated LED Toilet Bowl Light.

How long did it take for my child to get potty trained? Less than a week!

LumiLux Advanced 16-Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Bowl Night Light, Internal Memory, Light Detection, White
LumiLux Advanced 16-Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Bowl Night Light

I swear by this fascinating gadget. In fact, I learned that other parents swear by it too. The awesome thing is … this works for both little girls and boys.

This must-have, fascinating gadgetry brings the spectacle of the magic kingdom right in your very own toilet bowl. Kids LOVE it … and so do adults!

When activated by motion, the gadget produces a colorful light show in your toilet bowl that mesmerizes kids and potty trains them in no time. From my experience, this gadget elevates potty training to the next level.

It’s portable and will easily pop off and wrap around any bowl. It also makes nighttime reliefs an excitingly fun and memorable experience for the whole family! Another bonus: It also helps dad from missing the mark at night. LOL

In case you are interested in getting this for your family, I got mine from Amazon.com. For the price of a couple of McDonald’s Happy Meals, you get to potty train your child. In fact, here’s the link to my Motion-Activated LED Toilet Light gadget of choice. Check it out.

Even my mother-in-law decided to get a couple to help, as she put it, “target train” my father-in-law. LOL

Potty training is a big deal to your little one so don’t be stingy on this next tip on the next page …


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