10 Teething Signs You Should Look Out For In Your Baby. Keep a Close Watch On #4, #3, and #1

Is your baby no longer sleeping like an angel? If yes, then your baby may be teething if he or she has been exhibiting these lately …


2. Wakefulness or not sleeping well. Tooth eruption — when the tooth moves through the bone and gum — tends to come in stages, with more activity at night than during the day, so your baby may be more irritable then. Source: Parenting.com

09 baby-teething-wakefulness

When your baby is teething, you might observe that he/she may be waking up more often during the night. Some parents have also observed that babies tend to wake up more often when their molars start coming out. You may also find that your baby will tend to nap less and wake up earlier in the morning.


Lastly, the jury is still out on this next symptom.



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