10 Teething Signs You Should Look Out For In Your Baby. Keep a Close Watch On #4, #3, and #1

Expect your baby to be putting their hands in the mouth quite often.


8. Gum-rubbing or finger-chewing. Chewing helps to relieve the pain and pressure of teething, so you may notice your baby trying to soothe herself by chewing on her fingers. Try to keep your baby’s hands clean so that she doesn’t swallow any germs. Source: BabyCentre.co.uk

03 baby-teething-gum-rubbing

During teething, your baby’s gums become tender and sore. As a result, your baby will have the tendency to touch their gums with their fingers to soother them.

Some parents suggest using your clean finger or a cold teething ring to rub your baby’s gums for about a minute or two to help soothe the discomfort.

Aside from placing their hands and fingers in their mouth, your baby might also be doing this next sympton. It’s not just his/her gums that your baby will be touching …


7. Cheek-rubbing and ear-pulling. Pain in the gums may spread to the ears and cheeks, particularly when the back molars begin coming in. This is why you may see your baby rubbing his cheeks or pulling at his ears. Source: MetroParent.com

04 baby-teething-ear-pulling

Experts think that babies do this to create counter pressure that eases of the discomfort and pain that they may be experiencing.

It’s more of an instinctive massage reaction to ease the discomfort.



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