10 Teething Signs You Should Look Out For In Your Baby. Keep a Close Watch On #4, #3, and #1

Here are the 10 teething signs that you should look out for in your baby.


10. Biting and gnawing. A teething baby will gnaw and gum-down on anything. The counter pressure from biting helps relieve the pressure from under the gums and temporarily numbs the pain. Source: MetroParent.com

01 baby-teething-biting-crib2

To help relieve and ease the discomfort that your baby may be experiencing, your baby may be gnawing on anything and everything that he/she can get his/her hands on.

Be it toys, the edge of the table, or the rail of the crib, everything is fair game to your baby. Teething rings can really come in very handy for your baby.

Here is another classic tell-tale sign that your baby may be teething. Get those colorful, handy bibs ready as your baby will be doing some …

9. Heavy drooling. The byproduct of a baby’s saliva production, drooling begins when a child is about 3 months old and lasts until he’s between 12 and 15 months old – more or less the same time period as teething. Drooling is a classic symptom of your baby’s teeth gradually pushing toward the gum’s surface, a process that can start months before the first tooth’s eruption. Source: Mom365.com

02 baby-teething-drooling


When your baby is teething, drooling is a common occurrence as the body creates extra saliva to lubricate the tender gums. Drooling may also be worse with some babies than others.

It’s definitely a good time to have bibs handy during your baby’s drooling stage.

Do not be surprised when your baby does a lot of this … see next page.



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