10 Smart Ways To Tame Your Child’s “Tantrum From Hell”. #5 Is Something I Swear By

Here’s another way of distracting your child and getting his or her attention into something else … Just leaving the scene of a meltdown can divert a child’s attention. It’s also very easy to do.

1. Get Out of There.

Getting kids away from the scene of the tantrum can snap them out of it. “It’s also a great strategy when you’re out and about,” says Levy. “If your child starts melting down over a toy or candy bar he wants, pick him up and take him either to a different area of the store or outside until he calms down. Changing the venue really can change the behavior.” (11)


The next time you feel the urge to spank your little one as a result of a tantrum going out of control, remind yourself to first stop and give it some thought. Don’t make a fuss out of it and model calm behavior.

Spanking is not a smart way to deal with a child having a tantrum. Spanking only reinforces with your kid that using physical force is okay cause their parents are doing it. It teaches the child to be afraid of his or her parents. It teaches the child that his or her parents will hurt them to keep them in line.

Instead, try using any of the above 10 ways to help pacify your child. These are better solutions that will positively impact your child in the long-term. In fact, here are 8 important reasons why you should not spank your child.

You can read more details about this well researched article by Shaun Dreisbach about how to deal with a child’s tantrums on parents.com.

Do you have other smart ways of dealing with a child’s tantrum?

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