10 Smart Ways To Tame Your Child’s “Tantrum From Hell”. #5 Is Something I Swear By

Want to maintain a sense of sanity to a very public meltdown of your child? Having a sense of humor can also do the trick in diffusing a meltdown situation.

2. Laugh It Off.

Every parent dreads public tantrums, for obvious reasons. You worry other parents will think you’re a bad mom — that you’ve raised an out-of-control demon child. Your best bet, is to suck it up, plaster a little Mona Lisa smile on your face, and pretend everything is just peachy. And what are others thinking? “We know from studies that the only thing people judge is your reaction to the meltdown,” says Levy. “If you look calm and like you’ve got it under control — yes, even though you’re not doing anything to stop the fit — they think, Now that’s a good mom.” (10)


Try being silly with your child. That kind of distraction can direct his attention on you and can possibly bust that tantrum.

Try to get your child to giggle and see how this can change the whole dynamics of the situation.


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