10 Life Lessons Your Baby Is Constantly Learning From You


Here are the 10 life lessons your baby is constantly learning from you.

10. I learned I can always depend on you. Even something as routine as putting him down for a nap fortifies his trust and self-esteem. Eventually, he’ll figure out that even when you’re out of sight, you still exist—and you’ll be back.

9. I learned I can depend on myself too. Pulling back a little and letting her wiggle closer on her own steam challenges her to learn.

8. I learned that I can strike a balance. Toting your little one around, whether in your arms or in a carrier, stimulates his vestibular system, which helps his body maintain its balance. And when you give him a ride on your shoulders, he also gets a visual bonus—the chance to take in the sights from a different vantage point.

7. I learned that I can make all the right moves. Just clearing the floor and giving her opportunities to move around is almost enough. The other essential? Cheering her on.

6. I learned how words work. Any opportunity your baby has to hear you speak will support his verbal development, as he takes in the tone and rhythm of the words you use.

5. I learned that I can take turns. When you take turns with your baby during everyday interactions and simple games, you’re teaching the importance of sharing, being social, and cooperating with others.

4. I learned neat things from making a mess. Early in life, the most enriching play is the kind that’s served up fresh—unstructured, unscheduled, and not centered around certain events or toys.

3. I learned that my feelings count. Because your baby can’t talk, she depends on you to interpret her gestures and facial expressions. It takes dedicated attention to learn how to do it right. But making her feel understood strengthens your emotional bond and spurs her efforts to communicate, which in turn may help her learn to talk.

2. I learned that there’s a whole wide world to explore. Today you took your child to the dry cleaners, the park, and the bank. It may have been just another boring round of errands for you, but for babies, every day is an adventure.

1. I learned that my life has a pattern. Just by going through the usual motions, you’ve taught your little one that his world is consistent, predictable, and stable. By following daily rituals, you’re helping your child learn what he can expect next—and look forward to it.

Each and every second you spend with your baby is truly priceless.


Unfortunately, there’s a slight tendency to forget that especially if you’re so caught up in the moment, struggling to get everything done.

The list of 10 life lessons your baby is constantly learning from you is taken from an article posted on parents.com.

This article is, no doubt, a good reminder that every single second you spend with your baby is truly valuable. It definitely is a good read. You can read the full article here.


Are you aware that your baby is constantly learning from you?

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