10 Common Yet Unsafe Things That Parents Should Stop Doing. Parents Please Pay Attention For Your Child’s Safety

A lot of parents still ignore signs warning about the dangers of using strollers on escalators.

4. Putting the stroller on the escalator. It’s just dangerous. Instead, fold your stroller up and carry it while you ride, or better yet, take an elevator. Source: mom.me


There are very real dangers to boarding strollers on escalators such as this story, where a small child fell from a stroller while on the escalator.

“A 2006 study on Pediatrics regarding escalator injuries found that there were “disproportionate amount of escalator related injuries in children who were younger than 5 years of age.” … The study found that 6% of injuries in this age group were from a stroller, usually from falling out of the stroller.” Source: PediatricsNow.com

Simply take the extra time to use the elevator with your stroller as opposed to the escalator.

Bouncers and car seats are not meant to be placed on these areas. Parents should not ignore the dangers of the common practice of …

3. Putting Bumbos, bouncers, and car seats on high surfaces. These items do not belong on high surfaces. There have been too many accidents related to falls. Instead, keep them on the floor where they belong. Source: mom.me


The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported at least 28 incidents of babies falling out of Bumbo seats with three of the cases resulting in skull fractures. CPSC Senior spokesperson Julie Vallese said:

“The reports of serious head injuries prompted the CPSC to announce a nationwide warning to consumers that have these — not to put these on elevated surfaces and be aware that children can climb out of them or they can tip over in these chairs.”

One of the more serious incidents involving a Bumbo seat was baby Dylan Lamm.

“Dylan had arched his back and tilted the Bumbo Seat, causing him to fall backwards and onto the kitchen floor. His skull cracked in two places. An emergency surgery saved Dylan’s life, leaving a long scar on his head.”


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