10 Common Yet Unsafe Things That Parents Should Stop Doing. Parents Please Pay Attention For Your Child’s Safety

A lot of parents still ignore signs warning about the dangers of using strollers on escalators.

7. Putting the stroller on the escalator. It’s just dangerous. Instead, fold your stroller up and carry it while you ride, or better yet, take an elevator. Source: mom.me


There are very real dangers to boarding strollers on escalators such as this story, where a small child fell from a stroller while on the escalator.

A 2006 study on Pediatrics regarding escalator injuries found that there were “disproportionate amount of escalator related injuries in children who were younger than 5 years of age.” … The study found that 6% of injuries in this age group were from a stroller, usually from falling out of the stroller. Source: PediatricsNow.com

Simply take the extra time to use the elevator with your stroller as opposed to the escalator.

Bouncers and car seats are not meant to be placed on these areas. Parents should not ignore the dangers of the common practice of …

8. Putting Bumbos, bouncers, and car seats on high surfaces. These items do not belong on high surfaces. There have been too many accidents related to falls. Instead, keep them on the floor where they belong. Source: mom.me


The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported at least 28 incidents of babies falling out of Bumbo seats with three of the cases resulting in skull fractures. CPSC Senior spokesperson Julie Vallese said:

The reports of serious head injuries prompted the CPSC to announce a nationwide warning to consumers that have these — not to put these on elevated surfaces and be aware that children can climb out of them or they can tip over in these chairs.

One of the more serious incidents involving a Bumbo seat was baby Dylan Lamm.

Dylan had arched his back and tilted the Bumbo Seat, causing him to fall backwards and onto the kitchen floor. His skull cracked in two places. An emergency surgery saved Dylan’s life, leaving a long scar on his head.

Buckling up a child in a car is important. Unfortunately some parents do not strictly adhere to such practice at home. A study found that about 24 children a day are treated in U.S. emergency rooms for high chair-related injuries.

9. Not buckling kiddos into strollers, high chairs, etc. Even if it seems unnecessary, always buckle your child into these things. Every year, there are countless accidents because children are not properly buckled in. Source: mom.me


A study by researchers at the Center for Injury Research and Policy of The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital examined U.S. Emergency Department data pertaining to treatment of children ages 3 years and younger and found that:

On average, more than 9,400 children were treated each year for an injury associated with a high chair or booster seat, equaling one child every hour nationally. In addition, the annual number of injured children increased during the study period. Source: NationwideChildrens.org

You will be surprised that some parents remain complacent or naive about their homes when it comes to safety. It is really important that you baby proof your home to keep your child safe as unintentional injury is one of the top killers of children in the U.S.

10. Not babyproofing. Cover your outlets. Lock cabinets. Gate your stairs. Remove anything that could cause strangulation. Put medicines and cleaning supplies and other harmful substances far out of baby’s reach. Source: mom.me


Believe it or not, your home can be one of the biggest threats to your child’s safety. Child safety experts agree that baby proofing your home gives your baby a safe environment to play and explore while preventing potential serious injuries.

Experts say that children between the ages of 1 and 4 are more likely to be killed by fire, burns, drowning, choking, poisoning, or falls than by a stranger’s violence … About 2.3 million children are accidentally injured every year and more than 2,500 are killed, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Source: BabyCenter.com

Just don’t take baby proofing for granted. It should only take you several hours in total. By doing so, you’ll have peace of mind and a home that is safe for your baby.


To learn more details about this great list of safety reminders that Lacy Stroessner of mom.me put together, you can read the full article here.

Please share this article with family and friends to keep your precious babies and toddlers safe from harm.

So which of these things are you guilty of doing?

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13 thoughts on “10 Common Yet Unsafe Things That Parents Should Stop Doing. Parents Please Pay Attention For Your Child’s Safety

  1. I have only done one of thes ed things on the list. That being the car seat on top of the shopping cart. My car seat however fits perfectly and latches onto the metal of the shopping cart like it does to the base that it is designed to go in, in the car. I can pull on it and it won’t go anywhere. I have have never had any problems/accidents doing this. I would agree that it can be dangerous if your car seat does not fit securely.

    1. Your seat is NOT designed to go on top of the cart. Even though it latches it can still ruin your latches and stretch them out and cause problems with them latching onto the base.

  2. If they don’t want car seats on top of shopping carts then they should make the shopping carts big enough to hold a child’s car seat. Some stores have shopping carts where it cant even connect to the shopping cart as its not wide enough for it to fit. Its either have them on top of the shopping cart or have there car seat in the cart all lopsided because that the only way it would fit

    1. Imagine if someone crashed into your cart and your child fell. You’d feel pretty stupid,, your stupid for doing it in the first place. Super dangerous. Shopping carts are not meant for car seats. Carry your kids or invest in a stroller.

      1. Where do u put ur groceries if ur pushing a stroller? How do u carry an infant and push a basket if they can’t sit in the basket on their own yet??? So confused!!

        1. You must not have kids. I can carry a kid in my arms and push a cart easily OR carry your kid in something that straps him or her to you. Then you have 2 hands to push the cart. Or plan ahead and have someone else watch your child if you truly can’t function (safely) at the store with a child.

        2. I have had two kids in one cart my oldest on top n my youngest in her carrier in the bottom. I pulled another cart behind me for groceries. You can baby wear and push a cart.

  3. I’m glad I came across your article. Now that I’m aware, I certainly would not be doing some of these and risking my child’s life. Thank you.

  4. This article if filled with gadgets westerners have made to protect their babies only to realize they don’t. I wonder if the writers have ever been to a third world country and seen how babies are raised. Accidents happen and a child will never be protected from all harm. Just use common sense but I feel that most Americans are lacking this.

    1. Bed sharing is safe if you follow the guidelines. However, they should mention the guidelines in the article. First and foremost being never sleep with a child on a couch or recliner!


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