10 Common Yet Unsafe Things That Parents Should Stop Doing. Parents Please Pay Attention For Your Child’s Safety


Parents, please pay attention. In the interest of your child’s safety, there are certain common practices that you should be aware of which could potentially be harmful to your little one. Just because a lot of parents are still doing it around you does not make it is safe or right.

There is a good chance that you may be guilty of doing one of these things. I know I am. I’m just glad that nothing unfortunate happened to my child.

So to keep your child from having some unfortunate serious injuries or health problems, we thought that it was important to share this list of things that parents should not be doing to their child.

This list was put together just to inform parents who may not be aware that what they are doing may not be safe for their child. As one appreciative parent said:

I’m glad I came across your article. Now that I’m aware, I certainly would not be doing some of these and risking my child’s life. Thank you.

Sometimes, parents may also make bad decisions just to save time or because making the extra effort appears to be inconvenient. However, doing so may come at the expense of a child’s safety.

Below is the list of 10 common yet unsafe things that parents should stop doing:

1. Putting car seats on top of shopping carts. Shopping carts are not made to hold an infant car seat safely. Car seat manufacturers warn against putting them on top of shopping carts. Source: mom.me


Surely, it’s convenient. However, is it safe? It definitely is NOT. The unfortunate reality is that accidents involving car seats on shopping carts really do happen.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), shopping carts are the leading cause of head injuries in young children – surpassing injuries from high chairs, strollers, changing tables, baby gates and other equipment. The CPSC estimates that about 16,000 children under the age of five fall out of shopping carts each year and nearly 1,000 of those injuries involve falling infant carriers. Source: GreenChildMagazine.com

Baby car seats are NOT designed to be secured on top of shopping carts.

Furthermore, shopping carts can tip over easily — and they’re more likely to if there’s a car seat mounted on them. See 6 Top Reasons “Car Seat On The Shopping Cart” Is A BAD Idea for details.

You would think that parents would take extra care to never leave their kids all alone, especially babies in the car. Unfortunately, in spite of numerous tragic stories that we hear in the news, parents still do this:

2. Leaving kids in the car. We’ve all heard the tragic news stories of babies dying from heat because they were left in a hot car. But heat is not the only danger. No matter their age, children should not be left unattended in a vehicle. Source: mom.me


How could someone forget a child in a car? To forget a child in a hot car is preventable. Yet, every year, we always read or hear about heartbreaking and tragic stories of babies and toddlers who died as a result of their parents forgetting them in their cars.

In fact, heat stroke deaths of children forgotten in the car number to around 30 to 50 a year, or 38 a year on average, according to KidsAndCars.org, a nonprofit safety organization.

Certain over the counter drugs are not suppose to be given to babies. See next page.

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